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Here is a listing of exhibitions that me and my Veggie-Wagon have participated in.

Discovery Charter School visit, San Jose, CA  - September 26, 2007

Here is what the teacher had to say about my visit:

Prior to Mr. Odulo's visit, my 8th grade student's researched and studied biodiesel as part of an alternative energy unit. Mr. Odulo volunteered to come out and show my student's his biodiesel car. He gave the student's some information about biodiesel cars including what is biodiesel fuel, how much does it costs, where you can get it, what countries have the most biodiesel cars, what are its implications for the future, etc. He patiently answered all their questions. After the Q & A, he had brought his car for the kids to see, showed them the fuel and poured some into the car. All students smelled, sat in, touched, and looked at the inside and engine compartment of the car. In addition, we were able to see and try! his electric scooter. He showed us the solar adaptation he was trying to add to his scooter and discussed some of his ideas for the future as well as his desert adventures using the scooter. Many students made comments such as "It was the best visit ever! OR I'd love to have a scooter like that!"

Thank you, Mr. Odulo, for donating your time and energy to putting this together for us! The voters of the future will be better informed about alternative energy and ways of transport.

Denise Stuart
Discovery Charter School
San Jose, CA

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Driving Change: Alternative Fuels for tomorrows’ Cars, Atherton, CA - June 14, 2007

Car exhibit and panel discussion.

Moderated by Christian Forthomme, CEO of Realchange, and Bruno Manh, GM Datamedia USA.

Event Description

Over more than a century, the automobile has presented itself as a fascinating microcosm of technological evolution at work fuelling our industry and the American way of life. Even as conventional engines have improved, recent years have found a growing interest in fuel alternatives that could potentially power our vehicles either more efficiently or with fewer emission byproducts – or both.

Alternative fuels are attractive because they could potentially lessen our dependence on imported oil and, in some cases, because existing vehicles can be converted to run on these fuels with minimal modifications. These new alternative fuels, hybrid, diesel and hydrogen are the emerging technologies in the current automotive marketplace. There is a promising transition already taking place, people are realizing that these new technologies can succeed not because they are forced on us, but simply because they are better. And, given that venture capital in clean tech has grown from $623 million in 2005 to $1.5 billion this past year, it is likely that the number of alternative energy/automotive companies to test the public markets will continue to increase this year.

A panel of experts from the area of hybrid, electrical cars and bio diesel fuels as well as VCs will discuss this topic focusing on timing, availability and affordability of these solutions, as well as the market opportunities created.

2007 Annual Biodiesel Conference, Santa Cruz State University

2006 Annual Biodiesel Conference, Santa Cruz State University

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